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Ask just about anyone who works in a hospital (esp the center for the terminally ill) and they’ll tell you that there’s definitly some spooky activity going on there. Some nurses and doctors, see mist arising from patients rooms. And those patients usually die very soon after that. 

Some patients will also be heard talking to things not there, and when asked about it just smile and say “they’ve come for me.” Last but not least, it’s been known that patients can actually “control” when they’re going to die. If they know for example, that a daughter/son is going to fly in, they will continue living until that person arrives, even though it was expected they would die much sooner. 

The information is from a book I read, called “Paranormal: My life in pursuit of the afterlife” a book by Raymond Moody, a doctor who coined the term Near Death Experience

My uncle sorta did that. Stayed alive until everyone left the hospital and within the hour, he passed. My dad saw a rainbow in the sky driving home and just knew.

The amount of people in the hospice I worked at who would hold on until their families showed up was unbelievable

I wonder how they know, and how they feel

Same happened with my grandpa , held on long enough for me to get down to riverside then passed away a couple hours I left

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